Monday, February 26, 2007

Studying Hebrew with Mom

I'm sitting on the phone with my mother right now, and she is proudly studying her Biblical Hebrew. I am so happy for her - she has worked so hard towards becoming a certified Cantor in the Reform Movement. She only has 7 more topics to pass before she completes this extensive and challenging program.

After working as a cantor in our home synagogue for over 20 years, she longs so desperately to have the TITLE to go along with the holy work she has done for so many years. She is such an inspiration to me - I really credit her with much of my decision to become a rabbi. Because of her, I grew up feeling like the synagogue was my second home, and my family was always there. There were so many times, while I was growing up, that I would be at the temple every single day of the week.

Which leads me to so many of the things that, together, culminated in my becoming a rabbi.

1) Celebrating Shabbat together as a family every Friday night.
2) Attending synagogue, as a family, frequently
3) Attending religious school from pre-school age until High School Graduation.
4) Participation in youth group, both TYG and CFTY
5) Summers at OSRUI
6) Lots of Jewish friends

And then there are all the interests that come together in my career -
1) Education
2) Psychology
3) Theatre
4) Music
5) Judaism (of course)

Guess I'm in the right place! Now we just have to get my mom to finish up her certification program and finally be able to call herself a CANTOR.

Let's wish her luck!

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Lindsay said...

yay for mommy!!!