Monday, October 26, 2009

To NaBloPoMo or not to NaBloPoMo....

That is the question!

I am involved in a big internal debate right now - should I participate, as I did last year, in National Blog Posting Month? Every November, participants can opt in to this special challenge, which encourages us all to blog every day for one month.

Since I have been so remiss as of late, I am thinking of participating, just as a way to get myself back on track.

So, if I do it, will you join me? Who's in????!?!?!?

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Weeeeee!!!! Wiiiiii!!!!

Well, I've finally done it. I bought a Wii!!!

I have been hemming and hawing for quite some time now about getting a new videogame console. I have the PS2, which I have had for about five years. I use it often (thought not much over the past few months, what with the new job and the high holidays), and have loved getting the many Guitar Hero games.

However, when I learned about the wonderful world of Wii Fit, I decided that I really had to go out and get one of these machines. Plus, Beatles:Rock Band has come out, and I really wanted a new system in order to get the most out of it.

The Wii arrived yesterday. It is beautiful, and it is so fun to use. Even navigating around the main menu is fun.

I oriented myself on Wii Fit Plus (which just came out a few days ago), and it feels so good! I am delightfully achy this morning. I enjoy its sense of humor and how encouraging it is.

So, do you have a Wii? What are you favorite games? What should I consider buying?

Monday, October 5, 2009

Chag Sukkot Sameach! Happy Sukkot!

Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the temple....

We have another holiday right around the corner! Welcome to the festive holiday of Sukkot. During Sukkot, Jews build booths, or huts, called Sukkot (singular = Sukkah). We are commanded to dwell in them during the seven days of the festival (please note that Conservative and Orthodox Jews observe eight days of the festival). If the weather is good, we are encouraged to sleep, eat, study, and do all of our general, daily activities in the Sukkah.

The Sukkot remind us of our days when we were farmers, and we would have to dwell in temporary shelters along our fields at night. These huts keep us closer to the earth and the heavens above. The roof, covered by branches and leaves, is left open to the sky so that we can see the moon and stars at night.

During this festival, we shake a lulav and an etrog - made up of four species of plants that grow in Israel: Citron, Myrtle, Willow, and Palm. We shake the lulav and the etrog in E, S, W, N and up and down, symbolizing that God is all around us.

This harvest festival is a wonderful way to reconnect with the the beautiful, natural world around us. We watch the leaves starting to change colors, the weather is growing colder, and we are getting ready to hibernate for the winter. But, our tradition helps us spend time outside, out in the world, breathing the fresh air and watching the beauty around us.

Chag Sameach - Happy Holidays!!