Thursday, June 14, 2007

Friendship, Friendship, such a perfect blendship...

Shalom, all!

Just got back from a really yummy dinner with my friend, Sarene, and her fiance, Andy. It was my first chance to meet him (and I totally approve). I am glad that she found such a sweet guy who will definitely take good care of her (and she of him!). Coincidentally, I just took an online survey, and one of the questions was, "How many of your current friends have you known longer than ten years?"

What a question. Considering that parts of me still feel 12 years old, it is a profoundly paralyzing question to ponder (ah, an alliteration addiction attacks again). I can't believe that I have people (family members naturally excluded) in my life who have been precious to me for over a decade. Jessica is, of course, my longest friendship - we are probably over 20 years at this point. Lauren is also a long-term friendship, and, thanks to MySpace, Friendster, Facebook and the like, I am rekindling friendships from the whole spectrum of my life.

And, lest I be tempted to think of Sarene as one of my "newer" friends, I must remember that I met her in 1995 (we were both Angels in a Hillel production of Anything Goes). She has been a friend for - can it be true? - twelve years!!

Well, here's to long friendships, and many more to come.


JoJO A. said...

Wow, never really thought of it like that... as in I'm not really sure if I've nurtured a friendship enough for it to cross the decade arrival board.

It takes much more than just laughter and good times... it's a whole process. Interesting isn't it.

Jessica Yanow said...

20+ years. At some point, we became not only friends, but family. Can't wait for you to come visit! :)

Kentucky Shan said...

I have a few friends I hav eknown since high school but very few that have lasted beyond ten years (maybe 2). My brother has a friend who he has known since kindergarten--how is that for a long lasting friendship? I am secretly envious.