Sunday, October 7, 2007

Karaoke Craziness!

Ahhhhh - I feel so satisfied. Last night, Lindsay (my sister) and I decided to try out a bar in our area that was offering karaoke. When we used to live in NYC, we would go all the time. However, since moving to New Jersey, we hadn't yet tried out any bars in our new neighborhood. A great "K.J." was there (Karaoke Jockey) from Evil John Karaoke. Thanks, John, for being so much fun, and letting us sing so much!

It took a while to get familiar with being up there, with moving my body, with performing in general. I hadn't been to karaoke in about six months - I used to go at least once a week while I was in graduate school! Because of my back pain, I rarely dance or move in any way other than walking. Though I am paying for it a little today, I am so glad that I danced and had fun last night.

I sang, "We Belong," by Pat Benatar; "Criminal," by Fiona Apple; "I Touch Myself," by the Divinyls (teehee!); and, "Out Tonight," from Rent.

Lindsay and I also did a duet: "I Know Him So Well," from Chess. She sang a bunch of songs, and we had such a good time. The bar wasn't too crowded, and there weren't that many people singing - hence the great number of songs that we were able to perform.

Hoooray for karaoke! I can't wait to go again!

So, what songs do you like to do/would you sing if you could? Even if you've never been to karaoke - what would be your first choice?


Sarene said...

Oooh! You did "Out Tonight" again? Damn! So sorry I missed that.

I'd totally do "Heartbreaker" by Pat Benatar.

Thanks for your good wishes regarding our photos!

Lindsay said...

Yay for Kah-rah-okay

BipolarLawyerCook said...

Either "Dreams," by Van Halen, or "Only the Good Die Young" by Billy Joel. But I've never been... although there's a "duelling pianos" bar in town called Jake Ivory's where I have attended many a bachelorette party.

Skittles said...

It sounds and looks like you had a great time!!!

What would I sing? Hmm.. whatever I chose would have the neighborhood dogs howling. :)

Phyllis Sommer said...

looks like fun:-) i'm a big fan of "i will survive" in the karaoke department. last time i karaoke-d (a verb?) was in israel...

Andra Sue said...

I just wanted to tell you how awesome I think it is that you are a karaoke singing rabbi. If that's not cool, I don't know what is! :D

Hee hee.