Sunday, January 4, 2009

Blogosphere Extravaganza, Part II

While I was in Chicago, I had a chance to spend time with another wonderful friend, both in the blogosphere and out, Rabbi Phyllis Sommer at Ima on (and off) the Bima: Real-life Jewish Parenting. Though we weren't at the same campus for rabbinical school (our seminary has three US locations - New York, Cincinnati, and Los Angeles), we first met as students at a national conference on conversion (held in beautiful Denver, Colorado).

When she was ordained in 2003, she wound up at a synagogue in the Chicago area. I was ordained in 2004 and stayed in New York City for my first pulpit. Through the joys of the world wide web, we have been able to stay in touch. Plus, my brothers have both worked as songleaders at her synagogue over the past few years, so most of my mishpachah (Hebrew for "family") knows her and her family.

So good to see you, Phyllis! Hope to see you again soon!!!


Phyllis Sommer said...


it was so much fun to see you....can't wait for next time.... in israel!!!!

i beati said...

thinner I can see it each time