Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Heads or Tails Tuesday - List 7

Wow - it has been SO long since I've had a chance to participate in "Heads or Tails Tuesday." It feels so good to be back! Heads Or Tails is a weekly meme done on Tuesdays. Anyone can play. In fact the more, the merrier! You can visit the Heads or Tails Home Page for more information on how you can join in!

Today's topic is: "List 7"

So, I can list 7 of anything that I want. I think that it will be fun to share 7 things that you might not know about me - some quirks, "weirditudes," and trivia.

Seven Thingies about Marci

  1. I am a recovering nail biter - I bit my nails throughout my entire childhood, and somehow managed to give it up for the senior prom. Since becoming a rabbi, I have been able to keep my nails nice most of the time. However, you can always tell how I am REALLY feeling at any given time by looking at my nails. If they are short or bitten off, you know that I am feeling really overwhelmed. Luckily, they look great right now.
  2. I dream of Taco Bell - I have maintained a deep passion for Taco Bell for much of my life. This relationship was challenged when I moved to Israel for one year. Despite having many other fast food chains (McDonalds, KFC, Sbarro, etc), there aren't any Taco Bell locations in the country. I guess that I was so distraught about this that I actually dreamt about Taco Bell a number of times.
  3. I once tripped over Kevin Bacon's children - Oy - how embarrassing! I was out for sushi on the Upper West Side of NYC a few years ago with a friend. I stood up from our booth, moved backwards without looking, and tripped over a small child standing there. I apologized to the kid, and then reflexively looked up to apologize to the parents. Lo and behold, the parents were KEVIN BACON AND KYRA SEDGWICK!!! I smiled, panicked, and ducked back into my booth. I have never forgotten the feeling of SHAME!!!
  4. I have seen RENT 8 times - I am a huge fan of the musical, RENT. I first saw it in Boston while I was in college, and fell in love with it. The story makes me cry every time, the music gives me goosebumps, and the characters became my friends. Since living in NYC, I have seen it many more times, and each time I notice something new. I am so sad that it is closing on June 1, and will miss the ease with which I have been able to see it over the years.
  5. I have an extra bone in my left foot. Yes, you read that correctly. I experienced a lot of pain in my left foot as a child, and my parents couldn't figure out what was wrong. Our family doctor was baffled by it, so he sent us to an orthopedic doctor. That doctor took an x-ray, showed it to us, and announced - YOU HAVE AN EXTRA BONE IN YOUR FOOT! That's right, folks, I am a mutant. It really doesn't impact my life anymore, thankfully, but it definitely influences which shoes I purchase (pressure irritates it and makes it hurt for a long time).
  6. I have been having recurring dreams about Hong Kong. If anyone can figure this one out, I will be forever in debt to you. I keep dreaming that I am planning a trip to Hong Kong. The strange thing is -- I am traveling alone on this trip, and I have never actually gotten there in my dream. I am constantly planning for it, packing for it, and occasionally flying there. But, I have never arrived....
  7. I am afraid of soggy bread. I cannot buy ready-made sandwiches or wraps at convenience stores or takeout places. Thinking of soggy bread actually causes me anxiety - a fact which my sister likes to tease me about. I can't really spend too much time thinking about it, so that's all you're gonna get on that one :)

Well, that's all folks. Hope you've enjoyed!
So, come on - share something quirky about yourself!!!


Misty Dawn said...

I'm still trying to get over your #3!!! WOW!!!

Skittles said...

I'm so glad you're back! :)

I bit my nails until about ten or so years ago.

Oh man.. Taco Bell is such a naughty place for me to eat but it's just SO good!

Hahhaa.. Tripping over Kevin Bacon's kids definitely put you in the 7 degrees of separation from him.

I LOVE Rent!!!! I've only seen the movie, though.

You may be a mutant, but you're our mutant.

I don't think I've ever dreamed about Hong Kong...

Soggy bread isn't a problem for me. Staying away from all bread is a problem for me. :)

Jerseygirl89 said...

I am a totally Renthead too. There was a nice article with the original cast in Entertainment Weekly this week.

And I have to say that you're the first person I've met who admits to being afraid of soggy bread?

Picturing of Life said...

I also never dream about Hong Kong :D But I love to visit Hong Kong some times :D

Hope you visit mine also Thanks.

Hootin' Anni said...

3---------Kevin Bacon?!!! Oh be still my heart.

My list of 7 childhood memories is shared [with one photo of a toy that's nearly 50 years old...come by and say 'hi' if you can find time. I'd love to have you visit with me]

Phyllis Sommer said...

soggy bread and hong kong....you sure are a mysterious sort!:-) but #3...that is too cool. we never run into anyone famous in our little suburb...

tumblewords said...

What fun this was...I'm thinking #6 might be a nightmare - do you know for sure Taco Bell is there?

Shan said...

Oh, the joys of living in NYC! I will never trip over any famous kinds in my lovely state of KY!

Sarene said...

I am SO with you when it comes to pre-made sandwiches *shudder*. Although, Pret a Manger seems to get it right...most of the time.

Here's a quirk about me: I have a fear of pansies (the flowers). Seriously, ever since I was a little girl these colorful little flowers have given me the chills. They look like they have two evil eyes and a big, thick mustache. Scary.

Andrée said...

what a really neat list! I still bite my nails. But that Kevin Bacon thing is so cool. Stop being ashamed! They didn't think anything of it! http://meeyauw.blogspot.com/2008/03/heads-or-tails-243-map-of-republic-of.html

BipolarLawyerCook said...

I stopped biting my nails when I started smoking. When I stopped smoking, I started biting again. So when my BH crabs at me for biting my nails, I tell him to buy me a damned pack of cigarrettes.

Byrning Bunny said...

We don`t dream of Taco Bell, but we sure do dream of Mexican Food since we`ve moved to Canada!

So have you begun to do the physical planning for this trip to Hong Kong? Since it seems inevitable? lol

Enjoyed your list.


Sue said...

Now I am DEFINITELY convinced that we are somehow twins separated at birth... I CANNOT STAND SOGGY BREAD.

I also have a fear of melted ice cream. How you do feel about it?