Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Heads or Tails Tuesday - Recipe

Welcome back to Heads or Tails Tuesday! If you want to participate, check out the weekly theme and then have fun - you can free associate, be very literal, or anything in between.

Today's Theme? Recipe

I feel like focusing on the word "Recipe," particularly in regards to the Jewish New Year, Rosh HaShanah, coming up on Monday night, September 29. Here goes:

What is the recipe for a good year? What encourages God to write our names in the Book of Life for the coming year? Though we should be aiming for goodness, honesty, and compassion all year, the High Holy Days really remind us the importance of owning up to our mistakes and trying harder the next time. Here is our yearly opportunity to remember the past year, reflect on our actions, and promise ourselves, our friends, and God, that we will do better in the coming year.

The prayerbook tells us that three things can temper God's severe decree: Tzedakah (charity), T'shuvah (repentance) and Tefilah (prayer). Adding more of these three acts into our lives can make our days more meaningful, and can truly aid in the repair of the world. Yet, these are not the only ingredients, I would like to suggest, for our recipe for being a good person.

New ingredients for a good life:

  1. Staying involved and informed in local, state, and national politics (and voting!!)
  2. Donating time, in addition to money, to important causes
  3. Making sure to do "the little things:" giving up a seat on the bus/subway to someone who needs it more than you, allowing someone with a few items to pass in front of you in line at the grocery store, etc.
  4. Recycling
  5. Finding a good therapist
  6. Meditation and Prayer
  7. Being silly as often as possible
  8. Exercising your brain in a hearty debate
  9. Exercising your body whatever way feels good

What would you add? What is your recipe for being a good person and living a good life?


baby~amore' said...

I am not Jewish but I also think you covered a lot of the things I believe too makes for a happy and fulfilling life.
Blessings to you.

Phyllis Sommer said...

great post! i love this list and the analogy.

Sarene said...

Fantastic list! It's hard to come up with additions, but I'll try ;-)

As selfish as it may sound initially, my credo is "Always do what is best for you."

And I like "Always be true to yourself and your feelings."

Greyscale Territory said...

What a wondderful list but I especially love No 7 ~ To be silly as often as possible! I'll continue to work on that one!

zilla said...

Great list, and I can relate to sarene's thoughts. I do believe, for example, that a pedicure can be more than just good hygiene or a pampery indulgence; a pedicure could be considered a public service, especially during sandals weather.

Let's do out toes!

Skittles said...

First thanks for reminding me about Rosh Hashana becuase my mom's fellow is Jewish and I'll send him a card. :)

Right away I see a difference between the Jewish New Year and the one that falls on January 1st. The January one does not prompt us to fess up to the mistakes we've made.. Instead we just make silly promises to ourselves that we rarely follow through with.

I love your list of ingredients.

Nice to see you playing again. :)

splummer said...

Great Recipe List!!! Take Care!!