Friday, March 27, 2009

Birthday!!! (Almost)

Hi, all!!

Tomorrow is my 31st Birthday!! HOORAY!!

As excited as I am, it's kinda a weird number, you know?
Like, 30 was such a big deal, but 31 is just so.... odd.....

Lindsay and I are going out for a fancy-shmancy dinner tonight,
followed by karaoke at Iggy's (of course!!).


RockandrollBride said...

Have a lovely birthday -- and I can tell you from experience, 31 ain't so bad :-)

Carl said...

Happy Birthday Rabbi Marci!!! Mazel Tov!!!

Wishing you the best

dorene said...

Hope you had a beautiful Birthday Rabbi Marci.

i beati said...

what's your jenny update in april ????

i beati said...

Hope Passover is extra special..blessings abound how's weight going?/Sandy