Friday, January 22, 2010

The Actor's Nightmare - Rabbi Style

Are you familiar with the phenomenon of the "Actor's Nightmare?" It is a dream that many, many people in the performing arts have at some point, in some way, shape or form. Typically, in this dream, you find yourself about to go on stage for a performance for which you are completely unprepared. There is a deep sense of anxiety that corresponds with this dream, a lack of control, and a general "sucky" feeling.

I have had a variation of this dream, on and off, for my entire life.

Well, folks, I had a RABBI version of the dream a few nights ago!

I dreamt that was almost ready to go out onto the bimah (the "stage" in a sanctuary) when I realized, in a total panic, that I had forgotten to prepare for both a baby naming and a wedding blessing. I didn't have the materials with me, I hadn't created the requisite certificates, and I didn't even know their names!

I told the cantor to go ahead and start without me, while I scrambled up and down stairs, down long hallways, and through my files, looking for all the info. Of course, at some point, I lost my glasses, so I couldn't see while having to do all of this.

I made it back to the bimah, with all the paperwork, only to find that I had missed the entire service. The cantor was finishing up, and everyone was on their way out.

I found the baby naming family in the lobby, apologized profusely, tried to fudge my way through something resembling a blessing, and gave them a hastily prepared certificate. Bleh!

You can only guess how I felt as I woke up....

Have you ever had one of these?!??!


RabbiDavid said...

Yes, I absolutely have similar nightmares, though mine most often involve the hi-hos. I wrote about one such here:

Anonymous said...

musicians have it as well...being on stange and not knowing the songs. or if you've ever done any acting...being on stage thinking that i didn't memorize my lines...awful feeling

Teena in Toronto said...

I conduct seminars and this happens to me sometimes!

Happy blogoversary :)