Saturday, March 3, 2007

Laryngitis...Can Be Fun....

Alas, I've lost my voice. I woke up, tried to wish Precious a "good morning," and nothing came out. Guess I won't be belting out "And I'm Telling You..." tonight during the Purim Spiel. Luckily, I'm co-leading Shabbat services this morning, so I won't have to figure out what to do at the last minute.

Thinking about voice reminded me of this silly warm-up we used to do in high school with our theatre teacher, Tim Ortmann. I found it online (YAY!), and wanted to share it here. Ah, the memories.:

When Sir Beelzebub called for his syllabub
in the hotel in Hell
Where Proserpine first fell,
Blue as the gendarmerie were the waves of the sea,
(Rocking and shocking the barmaid).

Nobody comes to give him his rum but the
Rim of the sky hippopotamus-glum
Enhances the chances to bless with a benison
Alfred Lord Tennyson crossing the bar laid
With cold vegetation from pale deputations
Of temperance workers (all signed In Memoriam)
Hoping with glory to trip up the Laureate's feet,
(Moving in classical metres)

... Like Balaclava, the lava came down from the Roof,
and the sea's blue wooden gendarmerie
Took them in charge while Beelzebub roared for his rum.
... None of them come!

(Edith Sitwell)


Brooke said...

I've been repeating "nobody comes to give him his rum but the rim of the sky hippopotamus-glum" in my head since reading this, wheeee! I hope your voice is back on its feet, as it were!

(And it were.)

Jessica Yanow said...

I just want to know if the title of this post was a reference to "hair"...

Marci B. said...

hair? what is this "hair" that you speak of? (teehee)

Lindsay said...

ummm...unique new york?

Jessica Yanow said...

how about "she makes a proper cup of coffee in her copper coffee pot?"