Thursday, March 22, 2007

It was that kind of day

So, can I kvetch for a moment?

First of all, I have had NO HEAT for a few days now. Meaning, of course, that as time goes on, the apartment only gets colder and colder. And it has been a balmy 40 degrees outside. But, on my precious day off, I had to stay alert and by the phone to wait for the plumber.
Who took three hours to complete his work.
And who had to leave and come back three times.
And, today, it was probably warmer outside than it was inside.

But, wait, there's more:
I ordered groceries to be delivered by Freshdirect, who I usually worship for their wonderful products and customer service. And any time that I've had a problem (like the dreaded mashed potato incident - let me know if want to know about that debacle), they have kindly refunded my money. However, this time they took it too far. At least one third of my order was missing. No whole wheat fusilli! No low-fat granola! And where is the other container of kitty litter (hush, little Precious, it will be alright)???

So, I called, and they are going to refund my money. But THAT IS NOT THE POINT! Now, I must be without my cream of mushroom soup for another week.

Oh, wait, I guess I could always actually walk into a grocery store....

Oh yeah.

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