Thursday, November 29, 2007

Check out the "Chanukah Countdown Party"

Only SIX DAYS left until Chanukah, the Holidays of Lights! Jews all over the world celebrate the miracles, victories, and heroes of the Chanukah story for eight days. Beginning on the night of December 4, we will sing songs, eat Latkes (potato pancakes) and Sufganiyot (jelly donuts), light menorahs, spin dreidels, and give presents to our friends and families.

My friend and colleague, Phyllis, is hosting a Chanukah Countdown Party on her blog. There are lots of wonderful tips for celebrating, including some green Chanukah ideas. Plus - best part - a GIVEAWAY!!

Go ahead, visit her party by clicking on the graphic below.

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ZILLA said...

I was just wishing, the other day, that I were Jewish. If I can't have more days to prepare for the one Big She-bang, I could at least use more days to spread out the celebration!!!

Phyllis Sommer said...

thanks for the linky love:-)