Thursday, April 30, 2009

Oink, Part II

I'm leaving on a jet plane.... and I know when I'll be back again. Sunday!

So, as you know, I am flying to Mexico tomorrow. I am totally excited about the trip to officiate at a beautiful wedding. There's just that whole "pandemic" thing - that "swine flu infesting the world" thing.

But, living here in NYC, I am almost at the point where I feel like the risk is just as bad if I take public transportation around here. There are dozens of confirmed cases here in the five boroughs, and cases all over the country. So, like, I'm at risk no matter what.

I have anti-bacterial wipes, Purell, anti-bacterial spray, clorox wipes, a personal air purifier, and I feel healthy.

I am not checking a bag, which will allow me to exit from the Cancun airport as quickly as possible. I will be able to head right to Riviera Maya, to the resort.

I'll be sure to tweet and post if I can. Wish me luck :)

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Phyllis Sommer said...

i'll be thinking of you....good luck!