Monday, April 27, 2009


I am a bit freaked out about this swine flu epidemic currently spreading around the world. Usually I don't get caught up in these bits of hysteria, but this time I have good reason to worry: I am flying to Cancun this weekend to officiate at a wedding. Don't get me wrong - I am not at all worried about the wedding itself, and I absolutely adore the wedding couple. And, at any other time, I would be OVERJOYED at the prospect of traveling to Mexico for a destination wedding.

However, I am flying right into the "eye of the storm" when most countries are posting travel advisories and encouraging their citizens to avoid traveling to Mexico.

I am trying to remain in control, though - I purchased a personal air purifier that I should be able to wear on the plane. I am flying into Cancun, then I am whisked away to the resort in Riviera Maya. The wedding is at a brand new resort, so I would hope that it will be impeccably clean. I will carry purell and anti-bacterial wipes with me at all times, and I might even purchase a mask for the flight.

I spoke with my primary care physician this morning, and she said to just wash my hands frequently and keep an eye on how I feel. I hope that I won't need to pay her a visit when I return.

Wish me luck?

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Jessica said...

i would also take some disposable surgical masks or n95 masks just in case you have any problems with the air purifier. :)