Monday, May 18, 2009

Boo Hoo, Moo Moo

Well, I've just learned that I am officially banned, for life, from donating blood. Why? Because I have bovine material swimming around inside of me. You may recall that when I had my spinal fusion surgery back in December 2007, the surgeon used cadaver bone, bovine material, and even some synthetic material.

I was hoping to donate as part of my synagogue's big Mitzvah Sunday event - the whole community was coming together to do all kinds of mitzvot (good deeds) to help the temple and the world around us. One of the ways that I was looking forward to participating was to be a good role model by donating blood.

I now learn that those of us lucky enough to have cow parts are not allowed, permanently, to donate blood.

However, when I kvetched about this to my sister, she wisely answered, "Well, which would you rather have? The ability to donate blood, but be in pain? Or your life back and be totally healed?"

Well, when you put it that way.... :)


Phyllis Sommer said...

that lindsay, she is a smart one.

Lindsay said...

awww, thanks!

MJP said...

Much like her sister, Lindsay is a wise woman.

Being in a similar position (in terms of ability to donate blood), think of the mitzvah as encouraging others who are able to donate.

Jessica said...

I had a lifelong fear of needles...til my aunt, who is also forever banned from donating blood (because of radiation treatment she had for cancer), convinced me to donate blood. She went with me to the blood center the first time, and I got through it, and I have become a semi-regular donor. Just as MJP said, encouraging others to donate (especially the fearful ones) is just as much of a mitzvah, if not more so.