Monday, November 2, 2009

Getting ready for WRJ Assembly!

In two days, I will be leaving for Toronto for a big convention: the 2009 Women of Reform Judaism Assembly. The Assembly runs side-by-side with the Union for Reform Judaism's Biennial, and together, the two events bring together thousands of Reform Jews from all over the world.

These conventions take place every other year, and I haven't been able to attend since 2005's Biennial in Houston. Lindsay, my sister, works for WRJ's national office, so she will be SUPER stressed and busy during the event. However, after hearing about how amazing the Assembly programming has been, year after year, I am really looking forward to attending the women's workshops.

Plus - I was asked to LEAD a workshop, which is always wonderfully exciting. I will leading a program on how to use WRJ's The Torah: A Women's Torah Commentary and the corresponding Study Guides that WRJ has put together for a number of the weekly Torah portions. I highly recommend this text as an invaluable addition to your Torah resources.

I'll be sure to update you from the Assembly/Biennial - stay tuned!

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jody egel said...

Congratulations Marci! Leading a workshop is huge! I know that you'll take a ton from this experience and use it to better the experience for your congregants!