Tuesday, November 3, 2009

As the Interfaith World Turns....

As part of my new position here in Wantagh, I have had a new, wonderful opportunity to be a part of two local interfaith clergy councils: Massapequa, the location of one of our merged congregations, and Wantagh.

In my previous five years as a rabbi, I hadn't yet had a chance to do much interfaith work. It's not that I wasn't interested; rather, the learning curve of entering the rabbinate was so steep that there was only so much I felt I could do.

Now, as a solo rabbi in a smaller community, I can really get to know the other clergy in the area. And, boy, are they wonderful!! I have already enjoyed meeting other people of faith, who are so dedicated to their religious communities, to helping people on their spiritual quests, and to appreciating a sense of the divine in our lives. The group serves as an important reminder of all that we have in COMMON, rather than the differences that may divide us.

I had lunch yesterday with the current president of the Wantagh Clergy Council, Father Christopher Hofer, who seems to be a clergy person with a very similar M.O.: bringing joy and love back to our religious experiences. Feel free to check out his terrific blog and learn more about him and his community, The Church of St. Jude (Episcopal).

We have a big Interfaith Thanksgiving Service coming up, on Wednesday night, November 22. Our synagogue is hosting this year, and it promises to be a huge event of music, togetherness, and gratitude. I'll let you know how it goes!

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