Sunday, November 1, 2009

Here we go - National Blog Posting Month 2009!!!

Thanks to Deb for the beautiful NaBloPoMo badge!

I'm gonna do it, folks!! I am really ready to buckle down and get back to blogging regularly. Honestly, I miss it, and I think that using the structure of NaBloPoMo might just do the trick.

My lovely sister, Lindsay, is concerned that I am taking on too much by committing to a month of blogging, but I love it so much.

Anyone else gonna join me? Let me know, and I will include a post linking to your sites!!

Good luck!


Phyllis Sommer said...

lindsay is worried for you? lol - i'm not. the nice thing about it it - it's not about quality but quantity and just DOING it!:-)

so silly quizzes and memes count too....

jody egel said...

I'm not going to blog, but i'll follow you everyday! You can do it Marcie!!