Thursday, April 5, 2007

Shabbat Poems for You

Welcoming Shabbat

Shabbat beckons with a promise of peace
Mind and spirit ready themselves
for the moment of liberation
that greets us each week.

Together, we take a deep breath
my friend's relaxation enables mine
As a group we welcome the Sabbath Bride
turning front to back, bowing in reverence.

Rejuvenate, renew and re-grow:
We anticipate the serenity
The song and words that warm our spirits
With candlelight, sweetness and shalom.

Silent Prayer

The stillness awaits us now
The moment of hushed commiseration with the Divine
How lucky we are to be afforded this opportunity
To close our eyes, breathe deeply,
And invite God into our Sabbath prayers.

In our silence, we receive Shechinah
Whose presence makes our space truly holy
In peace, we step through the Gates of Prayer,
And quietly enjoy these private moments of Shabbat.

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