Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Country's Rudest Drivers

I just had a chance to read an article about which cities have the rudest drivers. I was a bit surprised by the results! In order, the top five were:

1) Miami
2) New York
3) Boston
4) Los Angeles
5) Washington, D.C.

My beloved Chicago was number 7 on the list. I think that it is funny that I have lived in two of the top "rudest" cities, and grew up in the seventh rudest city. I am now doing some soul searching - am I a rude driver? Have I created road rage in my fellow drivers? Alas!

So, then, I thought, maybe I will move to Arizona, where the drivers MUST be calmer. I mean, they get to live in the sun and move at a slower pace in general. But, NOOOO, Phoenix is ranked number SIX! It is ruder than Chicago!

What to do with this information? I just don't know.


Jessica Yanow said...

but phx is at least less rude than new york :)

Lindsay said...

New York drivers aren't rude...we're just determined! :-)