Saturday, May 26, 2007

A 50th Anniversary Party

I had the honor of blessing a couple at Shabbat services this morning - they were celebrating their fiftieth wedding anniversary. Isn't that amazing? I was just in awe and completely inspired by this couple. They are so in love, so devoted to each other, and so kind to those around them. I learn a lot by watching them.

So, this morning, I called them to Torah, gave them the aliyah before I read today's portion, and followed the reading with a blessing. I, little ole me, had the privilege of blessing this couple. It felt like it should have been the other way around - they should have been blessing me, and sharing their wisdom with me. I was, needless to say, incredibly humbled and honored by this experience. And then, to show how kind they truly are, they sponsored a lovely luncheon after services for all of us at Minyan. What a treat! May we all have the blessing of spending at least fifty years with a loved one.

The morning also taught me to be sure to find someone that I can imagine spending that much time with! Oh, to be a fly on the wall throughout their marriage! I am sure that they have been through much - many trials, many joys and simchas, and probably plenty of challenges.

Well, I wish them many more years of love, friendship, and blessing. And may we all find ourselves surrounded by the same.

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