Thursday, August 9, 2007

And..... We're Back!

Shalom, y'all! It is great to be home, but so sad to have left Arizona. I had such a great time, and treasured every moment. This first picture is of Jessica, my best friend since forever, and me (on the left). Don't I look relaxed?

I was there for five fantastic days - cuddling with the baby, laughing with Jess, watching movies (Super Troopers and Eurotrip - very highbrow choices, as you can tell), eating many fine meals, and just chilling overall. Ahhh - a much needed vacation

And, here I am with the cutest baby in the entire world - Evan!! He is just such a sweet, happy little munchkin. I couldn't believe how aware, smart, and observant a six month old could be. He's already such a little dude, you know what I mean?

I am honored to have been given "Auntie" status - Jess is like a sister to me, so Evan is my nephew! I got to be his Auntie Marci the whole time, and this is indeed a role that I am pleased to accept.

In Yiddish, we call it "kvelling" when all we do is feel so proud of someone, and take the opportunity to share our happiness and joy with the world. I am definitely kvelling over cute little Evan!!

Finally, how could I not include a picture of the proud mama with her baby. Jess is such a good mom. It is certainly bizarre to see the gal that I've known since we were eight being a MOM, but she fits the role perfectly. Her husband, Josh, was unfortunately out of town for the majority of my visit. They are such good parents, and I am learning a lot from them - someday, it will be my turn, too!!

Thanks again, Jess, for a great trip!!!


Shan said...

Welcome back! It looks lik eyou had a great trip.

And I know what you mean about it being weird to see friends with babies. I guess we never think about that stuff growing up, you know? It really makes you realize that we are adults now. (booooooo.)

JoJO A. said...

Looks like someone's back! Sounds like your time was absolutely great, happy you enjoyed it.

Awww... now that people are coming back from great trips, it makes me realize that back to school phase is upon us.


Skittles said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog! Evan is SUCH a cutie! :)

Ha. Gotcha said...

I'm back to, except I went just a bit further (that would be Belgium if you're wondering). You seem rested, I'm guessing it was hot there.

Gotcha Back

Jessica Yanow said...

i miss you so much!!! that was a wonderful visit!