Tuesday, August 21, 2007

"Heads or Tails" Tuesday

Heads Or Tails is a weekly meme done on Tuesdays. Anyone can play. In fact the more, the merrier! You can visit the Heads or Tails Home Page for more information on how you can join in!

Today's Theme: List a couple ways LUCK has played a part in your life.

  1. Well, just recently, I really felt lucky. I dropped my car off at a parking garage, went about my day, and when I came back I received bad news. My engine had exploded, and there was oil EVERYWHERE. So, this was totally inconvenient, and is still a nightmare, but I keep reminding myself how lucky I was - the engine could have exploded while I was driving, on the highway, late at night. Instead, it was safe in the garage, and I was safe at work. SO LUCKY!!!
  2. On the other hand, being a spiritual person, I wonder how much is luck and how much is divine intervention. Was it lucky that I saw a woman rabbi lead services while I was in college, and this led me to my current career as a rabbi? Or was I finally realizing my divine calling? Tough one!
  3. One more - I feel really lucky that I was born into the family that I have. I just love them all so much, and feel loved and supported by them. I mean, sure we've got plenty of problems along the way, but it could have been so much worse. Yay!


Skittles said...

Your engine exploded???? Oh my goodness! Not only strange, but very lucky for you that you weren't in it!

I'm not up on this stuff, but are there many female rabbis?

Ah yes... families are the BEST!

CS said...

I love thinking through the ways I'm lucky and have posted on it a few times. It's mostly a matter of perspective, I think.