Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Heads or Tails Tuesday!

This week's theme is HEADS - Hobby
- Anything that rhymes with Hobby.


Well, it's time to discuss something very difficult for me:


Sure, it began as a hobby, something that I would do socially. You know, maybe once every few months. Then every few weeks. Suddenly, I became friends with the DJ (T-Bone was his name, in the interest of honest disclosure), and started going a few times A WEEK. All the while, I was an innocent rabbinical student by day, but I turned into a rock-star vixen by night. In all seriousness, I truly love karaoke. I know, I know, it isn't the coolest thing to admit. However, as you may or may not remember, I have all this music and theatre training, and much of my soul really misses it. It is hard to really articulate what I love about performing (the opportunity to be someone else? the spotlight? the spiritual meanings inherent in good art?), but I long for it.

Sure, as a rabbi, I am up in front of the congregation, but that isn't the same as grabbing the microphone, being blinded by the spotlight, and belting out a song that is met by thunderous applause. My heart is in both endeavors, but different parts of my heart are satisfied by either role (rabbi vs. performer).

So, my midnight rendezvous karaoke sessions will continue. And so will my preaching and teaching. And I will come closer to completion.


Skittles said...

A sexy vixen at night? Woohoo.. you go girl!

My kids are good singers and like karaoke. I can't carry a tune in a bucket, so they must have gotten it from their dad. :)

Sarene said...

When next you go to karaoke...take me with you! I haven't seen you belt out a tune since "Out Tonight" at our "Mattress" coffee house ;-)

Shan said...

I am also a fan of karaoke! I am horrible at it, but I have so much fun...

Rabbi Phyllis Sommer said...

well, well, well...airing your dirty little secrets online, are you????:-) i love to perform too, i know exactly how you feel!!!!

Marci B. said...

HAHAHA - thanks for all being so supportive of my plight :)


Ha. Gotcha said...

I've tried Karaoke, I'm bad at it, I can't get to sing and dance at the same time, it's not for me.

I have new respect for those who do.

JoJO A. said...

Karaoke... you know what? I've honestly never tried it out... I mean I did attend a few family karaoke festivities but nothing more.

I should try it out!

simon said...

well written, affectionate, and interesting blog.

if you ever get the chance, come visit me


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