Monday, May 19, 2008

5 Month Surgery Update

Believe it or not - today marks FIVE MONTHS since my spinal surgery!! How has time passed so quickly? I truly feel like I have experienced a miracle - my life is so completely and totally changed. Some interesting developments:

1) I've been able to start doing some video workouts! My cable system comes with a section called "Exercise TV," and it includes all kinds of workouts, from simple walking, dancing, pilates, yoga, and aerobics. I have been doing a walking workout (basically low impact, left-right-left-right, add some arms), which covers 2 miles over the half-hour, and it has felt so good! Having done NOTHING like this for three years, it feels amazing to be able to work up a sweat without being in tremendous pain.

2) I DANCED THE NIGHT AWAY!!! My synagogue held a big fund-raiser dinner dance two weeks ago. I had no idea what to expect - they advertised dancing, but were the congregants in attendance actually going to get up?? The answer was a HUGE yes! And, dear readers, I was up there the WHOLE TIME!! I was able to dance for THREE hours in HEELS, and didn't even hurt the next day. I haven't danced in years, and I haven't worn heels in years, and I was doing BOTH!!! 13 year old Marci, who won tons of dance contests on the Bar/Bat Mitzvah circuit, was celebrating the return to the dancefloor. My hips were shaking, my shoulders were shimmying, and the electric slide was calling my name. Ahhhhh......

3) I am closer and closer to being able to sit with my right leg in front of me. This may seem minor, but think about how often you have your legs up - in bed, sitting cross-legged, etc. I have had to keep it hanging off the side of the bed until I lay down because my hip wouldn't let me bring up the leg. Now - the muscle is much looser and I can do it!

Thanks for helping me celebrate!!


Phyllis Sommer said...

hooray! glad to hear you are doing so well. hey - what do you think of jewish week's 36 under 36 list?

Sarene said...

Yay!!!!! Although, in a way, you're lucky you're getting over scarlet fever -- because after that post I was going to expect nonstop dancing from you on Sunday, young lady ;-)

At least now you're entitled to some breathers :-p

Can't wait to see you!!!!

BipolarLawyerCook said...

Wonderful. Just wonderful.