Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Jenny Update

Well, I weighed in again today, even though I just was there on Thursday. It wasn't a full week, but there was a still a loss!

- 0.6 lbs

for a total of

- 16.2 lbs down.

Isn't that amazing?

So, here's the hard part - I am traveling home to Chicago for the next week. Travel is always so tough, and being around family is even more difficult. I have gotten lots of meals to bring with me on the trip, and I booked a room that has a microwave and fridge. I hope that I am setting the right things in motion so that I can continue along this successful path.

Any words of wisdom? How do you stick with your goals, especially when the going gets tough?


zilla said...

PLAN the well-loved traditional indulgences well ahead of time, and stick to your limit!

If you trip, dance. If you trip twice, dance then take a brisk walk. If you trip thrice, dance, take a brisk walk, then dance some more :-)

Drink lots of water between meals, and don't skimp on the lemon wedges.

Nita said...

I was never able to stick to Jenny while traveling as I don't care for their pantry food too much. Especially when I'm with family I just try to eat in moderation and limit my snacking to healthy choices.

So um, apples, bananas, baby carrots, Jenny Cheez Curls (yum!)

Valerie said...

I'm down with Nita. While the holidays aren't an excuse to gorge, just doing the best you can and making sensible choices will help you stay on track and make you feel good. Happy Chanukah!

i beati said...

it's so amazing and you are being good to you body and your new surgery..Blessings in 2009!1Sandy

i beati said...

always rememebr you lose in plateaus- you're at a level and the next one will really be a bigee sandy

Anonymous said...

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