Thursday, December 18, 2008

Jenny Weigh-In #8

Well, folks, as you may recall, I gained weight as of my last weigh-in. It was a hard thing to deal with, and I have tried to not give myself a hard time about it.

The situation was going to get even more challenging over the past week, since I had to travel to Florida for a meeting. Being away seems to always bring temptation to overeat, and I really didn't want to fall into that trap.

So, I thought ahead about the trip, and brought along enough Jenny meals for the three days away. I wound up eating a few of them, as well as a few meals at the conference, but I felt in control. I didn't go crazy with the eating, but I didn't deny myself, either.

I weighed-in this morning (I couldn't go on Tuesday), and I didn't quite know what to expect. Lo and behold, I was down:

3.5 lbs

for a grand total of:

15.6 lbs down!!!

I can't believe how this past week went!

I am so excited to keep going, and to really feel the joy of this success. Thanks for your support!


Phyllis Sommer said...

yay! you rock.

Lindsay said...

Superstar!!!!! You can do it!! Cal-CU-lus!

PepGiraffe said...

Good job.