Thursday, December 11, 2008

Some more old photos

In high school, I had two best friends: Jessica (my best friend to this day, who lives in Phoenix, and you hear about her all the time), and Lauren. We were inseparable! We did all sorts of theatre and music activities in school together, as well as ran the youth group at my synagogue. Being the fabulous gals we were, we had to dress up and be silly as often as possible! (These first two pics are from 1994)

Do you not LOVE these hats??
And can you believe how TAN I am here? I was lifeguarding that summer (which I did for three years during high school), and the whole SPF thing hadn't really happened yet. Thus, we passed around bottles of tanning oil and SPF 4 products, and we were so proud of our tans. Ah, those were the days!

This photo is from college - that's me on the left, then my college boyfriend, then my roommate, and a friend of hers. The pic is taken in our dormroom, during our first year of college. Yes, those are indeed dead roses hanging upside down above the doorway. WE thought that they looked cool, but OTHERS were a bit freaked out by them :)

By the way, could my hair BE any bigger?!?!?! (This picture, by the way, is from 1995)


Sarene said...

I remember the upside-down dry roses! You were the ones who inspired me to start doing the same with the ones Kristian brought me ;-)

Good ol' third-floor Reitman Hall!

Should I break out my old freshman-year photos? Oh, I'm afraid!!!

MJP said...

Oh, Marce, the hair... I don't even have words. LOL

zilla said...

I actually envy women who can get away with big hair. Big hair needs a strikingly beautiful face for balance, and you've certainly got a strikingly beautiful face!

LilMisBusy said...

Marci - thanks for the nice compliment on my blog! I wish I had more time to post things, hoping to add more soon.

Love the dorm pic - I have MANY pictures with similar dorm decor. Though I don't think commenter MJP would like me posting them anywhere!

Take care.

Mary said...

I love the peace signs, a great 90's picture staple.

Lindsay said...

I'm ready for another post, please. ha!