Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Powerlessness of Pain

One of the most challenging aspects of major pain is the powerlessness. There are some days when, no matter what I do, I cannot get rid of the pain. No amount of pain killers, ice, heat, relaxation, exercise, or massage will do it.

And, at that point, I am trapped. With the feeling of entrapment comes hopelessness and an inability to problem solve. I forget any additional ways to help myself, and I just fall deeper into the suffering.

This is just one of the ways that the pain gets to me. I am SO READY to be completely recovered, but I am not there yet. Soon, soon....


Sandy Kessler said...

I am shocked. I thought you were virtually pain free. Takes a lot of time I guess. Sorry to hear of those days - yes it does take you all the way down- I've had one good week and feel blessed.

Cooper said...

Nothing worse than back immobilizes so many movements..i empathize...hope it lifts soon..