Sunday, April 6, 2008

How am I feeling?

One word: GREAT!!!


So, we are now at the 16 week mark, post-surgery. On one hand, it feels like so long since the surgery; on the other, I feel like I just got out of the hospital. But, my life keeps changing every day, and I feel better and better.

One example - my sister and I spent all day yesterday (after Shabbat services) cleaning, shopping, and preparing for my birthday party. Before my surgery, I would have only been able to do about an hour of work, then I would have had to recover over a few days. Yesterday, I not only led services, then did 6 hours of work, I then made it through the entire party. And, this morning? I got right out of bed like nothing had happened. Isn't that AMAZING?!?!?

I can't explain how much these changes mean to me. It's truly a miracle. Hooray!!

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i beati said...

whaty fun your birthday and you felt good blessings galore!!