Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Favorite Words, Part 2

Thanks to everyone who has added their own favorite words to my comments. I figured I would list some of your submissions and create an EVEN BETTER LIST!!!

"M.A. Washington" enjoys:
loquacious, menagerie, virtuoso, efferescence, and mahogany

"MZ Bivigou" prefers an adjectival version of one of the words I listed:

"Cooper" really likes the following:
pusillanimous, sputum, equidistant, splunge

These are really yummy words!!

And, one of my best friends, Jessica, merely commented that we have the same brain, which, I can only assume, means that she would have picked the same words. WOOHOO!!

My grandfather, z"l, had a favorite word that, as children, he loved to teach us and quiz us on the spelling:

**And, 10 points will go anyone who can define it!!!**

Last, but not least, I asked my mom what words she likes, and her favorite words are not actally real words, but, rather, some words that she made up (gives you a little insight into my childhood, I'm sure):
Weirditude (a strange characteristic that a person might have, as in, "Well, reading magazines from back to front is just one of my weirditudes"), and,
Furchee (a piece of lint, as in, "Ooh - let me get that furchee off of your new sweater")

She also wanted me to mention how much she loves the word, and the concept (especially when it comes to food): texture

Thanks for helping out! Can't wait to hear other fun words that you all enjoy!

Hope you had a fun July 4th!


Anonymous said...

Syzygy has to do with alignment of objects in space, but it's real definition is a GREAT word to use in a game of Hangman.

My favorite words, well a few of them, are avuncular, blatherskite and cacoethes.

Peter & Joyce said...

Weirditude is a good one - I shall use that in my daily speech. :)

Ha. Gotcha said...

Weirditude has now a privileged spot in my "Gotcha" dictionary, I have a bunch of weird things I say, I think all men my age do.
-Coolies (something real cool)
-Shawg (say after something shocking or funny)
-Bleepos (censoring the f-u-c-k's)
and much more.