Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Shhhh - Still on Harry Potter Lockdown

Okay, this has been the hardest endeavor ever. I am only on page 500 of the new Harry Potter book, and I have had to be SO CAREFUL not to overhear anyone discussing the book. Normally, I read faster than this, but I have definitely been taking my time. I am just so sad that this is the last book, so I have been slowly taking my time, and savoring every word.

And yet, there are all these people who keep talking about it. Just tonight, my mom called to gloat - "I finished it! Oh my goodness, I have to take a deep breath." I had to scream at her (and that is only a slightly hyperbolic statement): "Don't say ANOTHER WORD!!!"

I don't want to hear any possible hints about the outcome. Unfortunately, because this has been such a ginormous popular culture phenomenon, it is virtually impossible to get away from spoilers, commentaries, or reviews. And yet, I keep trucking.

Oh, no - I am wasting valuable reading time just by blogging!!! Wish me luck, and I will keep you all up to date :)


Cyndi Rella said...

Page 500 is when it starts to get really good. Enjoy.

Lindsay said...

it's so very good. ah!!

Shan said...

This book is amazing--you will love every minute of it. Smart of you to take your time and enjoy. Let us know what you think when you are finished!

Ha. Gotcha said...

I had to pick up my niece at a camp and I laughed hours when I entered the main hall: 35 teens reading Harry Potter. I guess it's a good thing.