Sunday, July 1, 2007

She's got a fast car...

Okay, so, the good news in my life is that my lawsuit from my car accident is finally over. I was able to have all of my medical bills covered, as well as my legal fees. The bad news? The money actually sent to me is quite small. However, my dad made a great point - I should use the money received to take care of my back in any way I can.

There are two main things I am thinking of purchasing, that I would be unable to afford otherwise:
1) One of those super-duper massage chairs from Brookstone
2) Getting a nice used car to help me around town

So, I am leaning towards the car as the best choice. Just think - groceries, commuting, funeral processions.... wow, it would all be so much easier.

But, in thinking about it further, I am nervous - I have never had my own car! I haven't really needed one since I moved to the NYC area.

Does this mean that I will finally be a grown up????


Lorna said...

Hi (saw you over at Rev Mommy's place)

I'd go for the chair for your back. A car = expense, insurance, parking tickets, speeding fines, ever increasing petrol prices ...yeah I'd go for the chair AND buy one of those foot bubble bath things - so you can rest and relax when you get home :)

Interesting to read that you are a rabbi in NYC - my friend's sister was one of the first female rabbis 'ordained' in NY and is now in Israel.

You might want to consider joining
an online community for clergy ... there are more details there ... it's such a blessing!

Bridget Jones said...

Marci, thanks for visiting! You're right, go for the car. The stuff for the chair, you can buy as pads etc. from medical stores. Sorry to disagree with Lorna, but...

Grown up? Never. That's a choice us wise women never chose, lol.

My mom is now without a car because of her age and scary driving that got worse as she aged. It is an inconvenience in so many ways. In Ottawa, you have to arrange to be driven by various services, and they operate as they bleeping well feel like it. She can wait for over an hour to be picked up, and for some events that start at noon, she's picked up at 9:00 am. Yikes.

Jessica Yanow said...

i vote for doing whatever is best for you!

And honestly, with a house, car payments, a dog, and a kid, I still question whether i'm really a grown-up. :)