Sunday, July 15, 2007

The Delicate Balance between Relationships and Friendships

Why is it so hard to create a healthy balance between relationships and friendships? And am I the only one with this problem? Upon reflection, I realize that I have always had difficulty balancing the time spent, and priorites given, to whomever my current boyfriend was at the time, and my other friends or family members. I really wish I knew how to do this better, and I hope that I am finally learning so that I will do better in my next relationship.

I am now seeing how much my last relationship tore me away from my closest friends. He was so painfully introverted, and socially anxious, that we turned down many invitations to parties, dinners, and other gatherings. Therefore, over time, I lost many contacts, didn't take advantage of others, and consequently, missed out on many wonderful times with my friends. I'm really quite sad about this.

On the other hand, thank goodness that I am out of the relationship now, and thus given the opportunity to rebuild the lost friendships and even build new ones. I am rediscovering my extroverted, silly, and social parts of myself - which I guess I really missed over the last four years!

On a lighter note, I am in complete movie heaven right now. Dirty Dancing was on, and as soon as it was over, Grease started on another channel! Life is good :)


Sarene said...

And to that I say: Good for you! I know we were talking about this earlier today. You should be very proud of yourself for recognizing this. Going forward, you can make sure this doesn't happen in your next relationship. I'm sure this happens to SO many people. People should never have to abandon loved ones for the sake of others.

Kentucky Shan said...

Great job getting yourself out there again--I know what it is like to lose track of people and try to get back in touch. It is not the easiest feat.

And I love your definition of "movie heaven!" I would have to agree with you--those are two of the greats!