Sunday, July 29, 2007

PostSecret - an incredible site

In my own experience, and in my work with others, I have seen how easy it is to feel alone, to feel strange, awkward, and like no one else would ever care about you if they knew the "real you." Don't we all feel these kind of insecurities (I mean, really, don't we?!?!?)? Well, have you ever visited this site?

IMHO, it is one of the most moving, inspiring, and heart-wrenching sites on the web. What began as a small community art project has grown into a phenomenon. Participants are asked to send postcards sharing a secret, of any nature, that they have never shared with anyone else. There are now at least three books of collected postcards. The website showcases the newest submissions.

When I read these beautiful postcards, I am reminded of the secrets of all sizes that we keep buried deep inside ourselves. The secrets, by their very nature, grow and can even make us feel like we are drowning in the depths of our struggles. And we can feel like no one else has ever experienced anything like what we have experienced. BUT, when you read these books, or look over the PostSecret website, you are reminded of the ultimate irony of secrets:

The secrets that make us feel most isolated are actually what make us all the same.

We ALL have secrets, we all have dreams, hopes, fears, and stories.

If you have a chance to check out the site, let me know what you think :)


Shan said...

That site is amazing! I will most likely be linking to it in the near future so I can get to it all the time.

Shan said...

Marci--I gave you an award. Drop by my blog to pick it up!

Andra Sue said...

One of my fav's...I've been reading it for quite a while. I often wonder if I know any of the secret sender-inners. :-)