Friday, June 13, 2008

Jeez - it's just a GAME!

Okay - seriously? It's just a game :)

I had the marvelous opportunity to go to the NY Mets game yesterday. The weather was perfect, we had amazing seats (right behind home plate), and we felt good. I was there with some of my most favorite relatives, my cousins from Arizona. Yep, that's right - Arizona. Meaning that they were cheering for the Arizona Diamondbacks, the team playing against the NY Mets.

Now, to be fair, they didn't HAVE to wear DBacks t-shirts. And, we didn't have to cheer obnoxiously loud every time the DBacks did something right. And, we didn't have to be there on the third game of the series, which the Dbacks happened to win!!

In full disclosure, I am a Chicago White Sox fan. Thus, I was totally nonpartisan at the game. However, in solidarity with my cousins, I decided to cheer for Arizona.

Then the threats began!

"Wow, are they gonna get stabbed on the subway!"

"Ma'am, that's a dangerous shirt to be wearing!"

"Turn around and don't come in!"

I mean, aren't sports there to help us escape from the stress of our lives, to create group identity, and to have fun? When did it become so verbally (and personally) violent? It's one thing to yell obscenities at the pitcher when he walks yet another batter (and I don't even approve of that). It's another to harass another fan, who is just as allowed to cheer for their team as you are to cheer for yours.

I mean, come on - it's just a game!


Cooper said...

This is why I go to the semi-pro games instead of Yankee stadium. I got tired of the trash talking in the stands. Guys think it's fun to get smashed and yell at other people in the stands. Morons. The semi-pro games are great. Inexpensive, great games, great seats and the people are, well, civil. NY can build all the new stadiums (stadiaii??) it won't change the fact that the stands are overloaded with jerks.

ZILLA said...

You sure it wasn't the Catholics VS the Methodists?

JUST KIDDING!!! It's been a rough week up here!!!

MrZ is a diehard Yankees fan, but he does mind his manners.

Which we ALL should!

Phyllis Sommer said...

ack! yes, i's just a game. people can be nuts.