Saturday, June 21, 2008

Will we make it to the Mermaid Parade???

Okay, I need your help here - pray that it doesn't rain here in New York today. Why?

Because today is the annual Coney Island Mermaid Parade!!

What is the Mermaid Parade, you ask?

From the website, we learn:

Founded in 1983 by Coney Island USA, the not-for-profit arts organization that also produces the Coney island Circus Sideshow, the Mermaid Parade pays homage to Coney Island's forgotten Mardi Gras which lasted from 1903 to 1954, and draws from a host of other sources resulting in a wonderful and wacky event that is unique to Coney Island.

Mermaid ParadeThe Mermaid Parade celebrates the sand, the sea, the salt air and the beginning of summer, as well as the history and mythology of Coney Island, Coney Island pride, and artistic self-expression. The Parade is characterized by participants dressed in hand-made costumes as Mermaids, Neptunes, various sea creatures, the occasional wandering lighthouse, Coney Island post card or amusement ride, as well as antique cars, marching bands, drill teams, and the odd yacht pulled on flatbed.

I have lived in New York since 2000, and yet, I am so embarrassed to admit, I have never attended a Mermaid Parade. How can this be? I have no excuses. I have missed out on so much silliness!!

Let's hope that the weather holds out. I plan to report back to you all on whether or not our adventure was a success. (And I promise to post pictures!!)

[PS - You know what's REALLY cool about this? I never would have been able to consider attending a parade when my back hurt! It is so great to be feeling so much better!]


ZILLA said...

LOVE it!

I haven't checked your weather yet, but I do hope it was fair, and I look forward to your report of the Mermaid Parade!

Phyllis Sommer said... was it!?

Lindsay said...

hey, did y'all actually GET to the mermaid parade?? Gee, what happened that day, huh???