Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Man plans, God laughs...

Well, my friends, so much for planning ahead - we never made it to the Mermaid Parade. Actually, to be more precise, we made it to where the parade was being held, but never found parking. After about 45 minutes of circling throughout the joy that is Coney Island, NY, we gave up.

During the drive, and the circling, we laughed SO HARD! We were all in "good form," coming up with hilarious comments, movie quotes, funny voices, and perfectly timed reactions. I had a good mix on my iPod, so the music was just right. Despite our disappointment at not making it to the parade, we were still having a great time.

SOOOOOOOOO, Lindsay (my sister), her boyfriend (Dan) my friend (Brooke) and I decided to drive to Williamsburg (also in Brooklyn), and go to a great seafood restaurant that Dan recommended.

Okay, right? That sounds like a good "Plan B." Let's go to some hip restaurant in some hip neighborhood and feel as if the day is still going well.

So, we find our way there, by car, using a subway map. This was definitely a demonstration of our fine skill at navigating (I can't believe it actually worked) - we made it there within a half hour.

Only to find? It was closed until dinner time.


So, at this point, I hadn't eaten since 9am, and it was after 4pm. We found a little cafe right where we had parked, figured out that they were still serving food until 4:30 pm, so we ran to our table, sat down, picked out food, and took a NICE, DEEP BREATH! Phew!!!

What an adventure!!!!!!

I promise to post some picks from the day in my next post :)


ZILLA said...

45 minutes trying to find parking, and not a single F-bomb? I so gotta start taking your vitamins, or start doing your work-out, or ... convert to Judaism. 'Cause FIFTEEN minutes and no parking spot would have had me ... %*#^$*!!!

Kudos, for making the best of it, Marci!

Phyllis Sommer said...

great title:-)

PepGiraffe said...

Yeah, I had some vague ideas about going to the parade, too, but then I got insomnia and slept past the start time. And two hours to get there and get back from where I am (on the day of parade, subway traffic is bad there) is not my idea of a good time. Next year.

i beati said...

how's the back and dating ???Award at my place sk