Saturday, November 22, 2008

Official One-Month Anniversary on Jenny Craig

Just thought that I would take a moment to celebrate - yesterday was one full month on Jenny Craig!
So far, October 21-November 21 was just great.
11.6 pounds lost!
No change yet in clothes or appearance, but it sure feels good to be devoting time to feeling better :)
It's becoming more and more routine, and I even dreamt about it recently: I was at a party where the food was a HUGE buffet. In the dream, I felt very disappointed that it was making my efforts to lose weight difficult, yet I just went straight for the smart choices on the buffet. It wound up not being a big deal. BUT, if I am already dreaming about Jenny Craig, then it shows how deep into my unconscious this decision has gone.
Here's to another month, and more success!

1 comment:

Sarene said...

Mazel Tov! Definitely a cause for celebration :-)

The fact that making smart choices is coming so naturally to you now goes to show that Jenny Craig is not only working for you, but it's not even a chore!

Still so proud!