Sunday, November 9, 2008

This Week in Jenny-Land

I never got to update you on my weigh-in on Tuesday - it was disappointing, which is why I wasn't in a rush to tell you.

Let me first state - I went in during the afternoon this time. Last week, I weighed in FIRST THING in the morning. This week, I had already eaten two meals. Not smart to do it this way. I was up 0.6 lbs during this session, which is probably not accurate. I'll bet, if I had gone in before breakfast, it would have been much more exciting - maybe even two pounds lower?

Well, I keep saying to myself, this week's upcoming weigh-in will be that much better. Right? Tuesday, here I come!


Jessica said...

especially if you're drinking lots of water, which i know you are, the afternoon is a crummy time to be weighed. I can tell you from my personal training days that we always told people to weigh themselves at the same time every week, because that would make it more accurate. I bet if you go in the morning next week, you'll feel really good about things! :) p.s.---can i still be your best friend too???? :)

MJP said...

J had a similar experience with weigh-in #2. I'm sure you're right that time of day had everything to do with it.

Lindsay said...

so close to weigh in #3. good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!